Presence in Social Media

Social Media

At ABEC we believe in leading the industry by keeping up with the changing global scenario. Hence in this era of digital revolution we make sure our online and social media presence is extensive. We have a dedicated team of creative and marketing experts who design and update engaging posts and online campaigns to keep ABEC on top of the game.


Every event organized by ABEC is publicized heavily on Facebook. By creating hype on Facebook we make sure every event gets maximum footfall from the relevant crowd in order to ascertain optimum success of every show.


Through LinkedIn we bring in the best and most serious industry players to participate in our exhibitions. Here we showcase genuine data highlighting the volume and nature of business that our exhibitions have helped generate with the intention of increasing quality participation.


Twitter is handy in getting through to high profile VIPs of every sector. With an expert in-house PR team we make sure all the heads of relevant industry sectors visit ABEC events in order to generate inexhaustible commercial prospects for our participants.