• Mohit Mewani, IITT & Education Boutique, ABEC

    ABEC – First thing that comes to my mind is the energy levels here which are always so high!! It is like the liveliest company I have worked for. The journey here has been long, right from creating a new travel expo to being involved into the ground level activities of various other exhibitions . Overall it’s been a great learning curve. My career got its key turning point opportunities at ABEC. The best part is the support & willingness of the management to execute new ideas which keeps work fresh, exciting & can never get monotonous. And lastly not to forget, a set of people as colleagues who have been very professional & equally helpful in all possible ways!!

  • Gunninder Rekhi, Secutech, ABEC

    Working for ABEC has enriched me with unmatched learning experience. I received 360 degree training - right from sales and marketing to flawless execution of world-class exhibitions. I had the best mentors guiding me through this learning process, helping me to develop an impeccable professional acumen. The immensely supportive management of ABEC is always open to new ideas and is ever ready to create new show formats that are innovative and promises to give rise to new possibilities. Finally, a warm and jovial work environment and helpful colleagues makes working for ABEC a personal and professional treat.

  • Kerstin Koschnicke, B&K, ABEC

    There are many reasons why I am proud to work for ABEC. I came to India to gain my working experience within a booming market. After working 13 years within the exhibition industry in Germany, I wanted to see how exhibitions will be organized in other countries. ABEC also gave me the unique chance to create a new exhibition concept for India, based on international standards. I have learned and grown personally and professionally by working for a company whose employees have a diverse background of cultures and knowledge. Moreover, the support and open minded warmth that I receive from all the teams and colleagues is overwhelming.